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Towing in Glendale Arizona
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Professional Towing Services in Glendale AZ

Scifers & Sons LLC is the best choice for professional towing services in Glendale AZ, ensuring you’re never stuck for too long. We understand how tough it is when your car gives up on you, so we’ve set up our services to fix those problems quickly, reliably, and without hurting your wallet. But towing’s not all we do – we’re also here to patch up tires, jump-start your car, unlock doors, and even bring you gas if you run out. We treat every call as necessary and every customer like they’re part of our big family. 

No matter what car trouble you’ve encountered, whether it’s a breakdown, an accident, or just a small hiccup on your journey, we’re ready and equipped to help. We aim to ensure you can access the friendliest and most efficient towing and roadside assistance anytime.


Our Mission

To provide the best towing services in Glendale AZ, ensuring rapid, reliable, and respectful assistance to all, making every roadside challenge a problem of the past.


Our Vision

To be recognized for professional towing in Glendale Arizona, by setting the standard for excellence and reliability in roadside assistance and customer care.

Thorough Approach to Tackling Common Towing Situations

We tackle every towing challenge with the latest techniques and tools in the industry.

  • From handling common problems like dead batteries, flat tires, and lockouts to managing more complex situations such as accident recovery, we cover everything.
  • Our team uses state-of-the-art tow trucks and equipment, ensuring your vehicle is cared for safely and efficiently.
  • Collaboration is key to our approach as we strive to provide solutions that really work for both our clients and our staff.

Regardless of the reason that disrupts your vehicle, our approach combines expertise with the right tools to keep you moving quickly and securely.

Simplified Towing Process: From Call to Satisfaction

We make getting towing help easy and stress-free:

  • When you call: We listen carefully to get the full picture of your problem.
  • Sending help fast: We send the closest tow truck to your location.
  • Looking at your car: Our experts check out your car to find the best way to help.
  • Towing safely: We use the appropriate equipment to tow efficiently and safely.
  • Double-checking: We ensure everything’s good and you’re happy before we say goodbye.

Our approach guarantees you get the help you need quickly and without worries, so you can move on with your day feeling relieved.

Our Services

What We Offer


Stuck with a vehicle that won't move? Our towing services in Glendale AZ, are the best solution. We transport your automobile to your desired destination with the utmost care.

Roadside Assistance

When car troubles hit, think of us as your roadside buddies. We zoom over, figure out the problem, and fix it quickly. You'll be back driving and smiling in no time.

Tire Repairs

Got a flat tire? No worries. We're the tire repair specialists, fixing your malfunctioning tires so you can drive off again, happy and worry-free, without wasting any time.

Jump Starts

Battery's asleep? We're the wake-up call, getting your car started in a flash. It's like gently pushing your car to get it moving again wherever you want to go.


Are keys locked inside? Oops! We'll open your car in no time, smoothly and efficiently, like finding valuable. You can regain access and continue your journey.

4X4 Recovery

Stuck off-road? No problem! Our 4x4 recovery is like calling a superhero for your car. Our professionals do everything to get you out of the mud so that you can continue your adventure.

Car Towing

Whether a big or small automobile, we tow all with care. Our car towing services in Glendale are like a cozy ride for your vehicle, ensuring it gets where it's going safely and soundly.

Fuel Delivery

Out of gas? Hang in there! Our professional technicians quickly and easily bring the fuel, like having a gas station come right to you. It won't take long for you to reach your destination.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely! Our team is skilled at steering in tight spaces. We’ll carefully get your car out, even from the trickiest spots.

Yes, we require your presence for your security and ours. This way, we can ensure everything happens as planned once you hand us the keys.

Not at all! Our professionals use the newest tools and procedures to guarantee safe and damage-free towing. Our first concern is keeping your car safe.

We recommend taking valuable items with you if possible. While we ensure the utmost care and security during towing, keeping your valuables close to you is always best.

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Quick Response Times

Ever felt like time stops when you're waiting for help on the road? With us, there's no endless waiting. We promise super-fast response times because we believe your safety and time are precious.

why choose us
Wallet-Friendly Prices

Worried about the cost of moving towards your journey? We provide high-quality service at reasonable prices. Quality towing should be accessible to all, and we make sure it is.

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